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Postcards sent on a long voyage

~Wayne Winterrowd and Joe Eck in A Year at North Hill, p.22

And though one has begun to search for signs of spring almost since January, and to receive them, like postcards sent on a long voyage to home, it is with the greening of the grass that spring has, finally, certainly arrived.

Gardening Divination

~Amy Stewart in From The Ground Up: The Story of a First Garden, pp. 173-174

…The plants didn’t speak to me directly. …It was more of an instinct, a kind of quiver in my gut that got stronger as I got to the right place. Like a divining rod. I have come to believe that most gardeners have one of these, although we don’t talk about them and the topic isn’t covered in any gardening book that I’ve ever seen. This instinctual feeling about where to plant, this sort of gardening divination, stays silent during the planning process…But when I was standing in the garden with a seedling in my hand, it cleared its throat and spoke up.