What Others Say

“She’s like a crazy cat lady of colchicums, and in addition to growing, showing, sharing, and speaking on colchicums, she also does an excellent job of putting that information online.” Frank Bittman, Sorta Like Suburbia

“Kathy is one of those bloggers who is not just a talented writer ( Oh, how I wish I could write half as well), but she is also a real horticulturist. A plant geek who truly keeps a garden that is worthy of a garden tour, and a plant society tour, full of beauty, charm and horticultural interest…” Matt Mattus, LivingWithPlants.com

“Cold Climate Gardening has been around for a long time, and Kathy is still at it, providing useful advice in clean, informative posts that showcase her clear passion for gardening.” A Little Snow Can’t Stop a Passionate Gardener.

” . . . [Kathy] blogs about cold climate growing tips, useful plant facts, and what’s going on in her own garden in upstate NY.” Val Khislavsky writing on Julie Moir Messervy’s blog, The Home Outside.

“Without a doubt, Kathy Purdy’s “Cold Climate Gardening” is my favorite blog. Kathy amazes me—she’s been at this longer than just about everyone, and she never seems to write a bad post. To me, her blog is everything a garden blog should be: informative, well-written, attractive, and well-organized. Her personality really comes through, as does her enthusiasm for plants and gardening. She’s the best.” Colleen Vanderlinden of In the Garden Online, in an interview on GardenBloggers.com

“…one of the better writers in garden blogdom” Don of An Iowa Garden

“Kathy writes the very informative Cold weather Gardening Blog as well as a new blog entitled Blogging Art and Practice which contains good information for those of us still trying to get the hang of blogging. Kathy is also an accomplished photographer and the beautiful flower pictures on her gardening blog transport me right back to my garden in July.” Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Flowers

“…Kathy is the able and wry goddess of Cold Climate Gardening.” David of A Photographer’s Garden Blog

“Don’t be disheartened if you live in a northern area and there’s still snow out! There’s still plenty you can do in the garden, if you’re so inclined. And when you’re done figuring out whether your climate is cold (though I imagine you probably already know!), Kathy’s blog is an incredible resource.” Today’s Homemaker

“…a gardening blog using the Cutline theme, with a very nice color palette and an intriguing use of Pictobrowser.” Blogula Rasa