First Spinach Harvest

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My husband harvested the first of our spinach crop yesterday, and he says there's this much or more left to be harvested. He wants to do that this evening, because it is threatening to bolt in this heat. We had a yummy spinach salad, and gave away the rest of this bowlful to two neighbors. [...]

My Man Grows Stupendous Lettuce

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He Won't Brag, So I Will My husband would tell you that he had nothing to do with it. Someone else sowed the seeds; he just stuck the seedlings in the ground. God provided the rain. Yeah, but who was up there weeding? All that cool and rainy weather has been good for something: great [...]

Growing Peas in Cold Climates

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Peas in July! Yes, we are harvesting the last of our peas this week. When you garden in a cold climate, you may grow the same vegetables as those in warmer areas, but you don't follow the same schedule. I thought I'd run through our pea time line to give you an idea of how [...]