Snowdrop Bouquets

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One six ounce glass of snowdrops… yields……eleven small but exquisite snowdrop bouquets. Snowdrops have a fragrance that is similar to sweet alyssum or certain daffodils (not poeticus or jonquils). We picked these at the old garden and the truck was filled with the scent of them on the way home. I will be moving as [...]

Not Your Ordinary Snowdrops

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There are snowdrops, and then there are snowdrops. I, for the most part, have been content with the Galanthus nivalis (pictured below) I was given many years ago, which have multiplied greatly from my division and their own efforts at self-propagation. Others become obsessed with differences in pedicels, spathes, and inner and outer petals. We [...]

Choose locations to plant fall bulbs now

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In January, the snowdrops in the Secret Garden looked like this: This Sunday just passed--March 7th--those same snowdrops looked like this: Such are the vagaries of an upstate New York winter. Since then, the temperatures have been mild and the sunshine brilliant, and the snow is receding. This, my fellow cold climate gardeners, is the [...]

Scenes from snowdrop heaven

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Photo of Temple Nursery snowdrop courtesy Craig Cramer. All rights reserved.True to his word, Craig of Ellis Hollow did indeed visit the Temple Nursery on Open Garden Day, and took pictures. If you haven't stopped over to read his account and get a glimpse of the variety possible within the genus Galanthus, now would be [...]