What You Don’t Know About Bugs Could Make Your Garden Better

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Jessica Walliser's new book,Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden: A Natural Approach to Pest Controlrecently published by Timber Press, turns the gardener's view of insects upside down. Suddenly, they are no longer the enemy, but allies you encourage by the way that you garden. Jessica and I had a lively email "chat" that I hope [...]

Debra Prinzing: Seasonal + Sustainable = Slow Flowers

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When I reviewed Debra Prinzing's book Slow Flowers back in July, I wondered about Debra's use of the terms seasonal and sustainable. I wondered particularly about how seasonal and sustainable such flowers would be in climates much colder than Debra's moderate Pacific Northwest. Before I ever published that review, I gave Debra a chance to [...]

GardenStalking: A New Way to Browse Blogs

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Veteran garden bloggers probably remember Garden Voices. "Back in the day"--before Twitter, before Facebook, even before Blotanical--it was the best way to find new garden blogs. Garden Voices is a blog aggregator, a website that collects--or aggregates--posts about a certain topic, so you can get an idea of what the blogosphere is saying about that [...]

Kerry Mendez, Garden Coach

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After reading about the symposium and poking around her website, I was surprised I hadn't come across Kerry Mendez before. After all, she gardens in my state, in a similar climate. Some of her gardens are featured in Gardens Adirondack Style, which I reviewed for Horticulture in 2006. I decided I needed to know more [...]

Nan Ondra: Garden Writer and Garden Blogger

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Nan with her two alpacas, Duncan and Daniel. Photo by Rob Cardillo, used with permission.Yesterday I reviewed Fallscaping by Stephanie Cohen and Nancy Ondra. Knowing Nan is a fellow garden blogger, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about her as a writer and gardener. This is your second book co-authored with Stephanie [...]