Why Is This Winter So Cold?

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Yesterday, the low here was 8F (-13C). That's not too surprising. But Dee Nash of Red Dirt Ramblings told me her low that same day was 5F (-15C) in Oklahoma. Whoa! What's going on here? Check out Eric Berger's explanation in the Houston Chronicle. It turns out a lot of factors have contributed to the [...]

Snowfall Records

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In the spirit of cold climate one-upmanship, let me direct your attention to the Snowfall Averages compiled by the National Climatic Data Center. (Sorry, I don't have Canadian data handy.) Unless your yearly snowfall is in the triple digits, you might as well give up on bragging rights. But you can get a good idea [...]

First Snow of 2009-2010

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Last night it snowed. That, in itself, is not unusual for the second half of October. But normally we get flurries mixed with rain, and no accumulation. Yesterday a weather record for snow accumulation was broken. The official new record is 1.2 inches accumulation. The old record was "trace." And unofficial reports coming in tell [...]

More rain last night

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3 inches of rain in last 24hrs. Bet the late blight loved that. Humid & hot today-does it like heat? Update The same day I wrote this, another 1.3 inches of rain fell late in the afternoon. That makes 4.3 inches in 48 hours. We often don't get that much in a whole month, especially [...]