November 2007

Seaweed as soil amendment

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Mary emailed me and asked: I understand that using seaweed in your garden helps the build the soil. How much seaweed do you use? And does the bromine in the seaweed help get rid of the bugs in turnip? Now, the seashore is probably a four hour trip from here and I know nothing about [...]

Why don’t more older gardeners blog?

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I was one of several garden bloggers inteviewed by Doug Green for an article on garden blogging for The American Gardener, which is published by the American Horticultural Society. I thought the article was a good overview for beginners on the topic, not going too deeply into the technology behind blogging but maintaining accuracy. Really, [...]

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: November

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There's no more denying it: winter's right around the corner. Wait! is that snow falling outside? Shucks. Winter is here. I'm not going to say "already" because there's been other years when we've had enough snow to go sledding at this point, and that snow falling out there today is having a hard time sticking [...]

The First Day of the GWA Symposium

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Austin to OKC While it was great to visit my friend Cynthia and the Austin bloggers, that was only an extra benefit to my trip. The Garden Writers Association symposium, my primary reason for traveling, was still ahead of me. Cynthia drove me to the airport very early on Friday morning, where I managed to [...]