Winter Reading, Courtesy Google

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Carol of May Dreams Gardens made a wonderful discovery. Google has made several old gardening books in the public domain available for download. This sounds like a great project for the winter, once the seed and plant catalogs have been thoroughly marked up. The quotes she pulled from various books certainly make them sound enticing.

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Kathy Purdy is a colchicum evangelist, converting unsuspecting gardeners into colchicophiles. She would be delighted to speak to your group about colchicums or other gardening topics. Kathy’s been writing since 4th grade, gardening since high school, and blogging since 2002.

Now, the digging and dividing of perennials, the general autumn cleanup and the planting of spring bulbs are all an act of faith. One carries on before the altar of delayed gratification, until the ground freezes and you can’t do any more other than refill the bird feeder and gaze through the window, waiting for the snow. . . . Meanwhile, it helps to think of yourself as a pear tree or a tulip. You will blossom spectacularly in the spring, but only after the required period of chilling.

~Adrian Higgins in The Washington Post, November 6, 2013

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becky September 12, 2006, 3:12 pm

I’m a “leave it inner” also. Even a weed can be pretty in the garden . . . sometimes.

Carol September 7, 2006, 4:56 pm

Thanks for the blog reference! I’m trying not to go back to Google books until winter when I have more time, but I will be going back to read more.

tea September 7, 2006, 9:32 am

Thanks for mentioning this. I`m definately going to go and have a look 🙂