Seven Gardening Gifts No One Will Give Me

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Mother's Day is fast approaching, and many retailers who normally don't feature gardening products have potted flowering plants and other quasi-gardening gifts prominently displayed. I thought I'd take the opposite tack and share with you my favorite non-gardening garden "thingies." Most of them don't qualify as tools. Some of them, quite frankly, would look like [...]

Poppy Seed Queens

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Just about half a year ago, I was lamenting the loss of my favorite pink peony poppy. Thanks to one of my readers, I learned that these beauties are being sold on eBay. EBay! I had known that seeds and plants were sold on eBay, but had never thought to look myself. Julie Calhoun and [...]

Peony poppies

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Of all the species in the Papaver genus, I think I like peony poppies the best. Perhaps you know them by a different name, for they are also called lettuce leaf poppies, bread seed poppies, and opium poppies. Yes, that opium. I was just reading about them on Wikipedia and discovered they have sub-groups. I [...]

Can you believe it?

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I got my Thompson & Morgan seed catalog today. Talk about rushing the season! It's usually the first catalog to arrive, but I don't remember it ever coming this early. I must say, the 'Fruit Punch' Oriental poppies on the cover tempt me to break my vow of no more seed starting until the beds [...]

A Plea for Help

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This is bugging me so much I actually was dreaming about it, so I hope you can help. I still can't figure out on which blog I read about the weeding poppies rule (see previous post). I think it is the same blog that posted about Campanula rapunculoides, the Roving (to put it mildly) Bellflower. [...]

A Good Gardening Day

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With the heat and incredible humidity we've been having, I've basically been ignoring the garden, with the exception of watering the few starts from a friend that I put in the ground just before this most recent heat wave began. Most of them are toast, anyway, despite my best efforts. But today, today was a [...]