House Beautiful Readers, Welcome

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Cold Climate Gardening has a tiny bit-part in House Beautiful's June issue. If you happen to subscribe or see a copy for sale, turn to page 40 and check out the top right part of the page. If you don't manage to get hold of a copy, no worries. It is a shortened version of [...]

GWA in Raleigh: The Movie(s)

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One noticeable difference between this Garden Writers Association Symposium and the one I attended in 2007 was the increased presence of video recording. Not just the movie function on the ubiquitous digital camera, but more sophisticated set-ups were also used. Here's a sampling of what's been posted on the web: I just happened to be [...]

Welcome, Syracuse readers

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Today my blog was profiled on Gina Chen's Family Life Blog, based in Syracuse, NY. The Syracuse area played an important part in my growing up, where I made my first attempts at gardening at our home in Manlius. I bet the winter aconites I planted still bloom by the front steps and the daffodils [...]

Hello, Rochester, and welcome!

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Jane Milliman in "Put down the shovel and blog" had some nice things to say about this website. Rochester is a garden loving city and I am happy to welcome its residents to my little corner of the internet. You can browse through the blog by date, category, or tag (some of the bigger categories [...]

Cold Climate Gardening mentioned on Sirius radio

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This photo has nothing to do with the post below. Just thought I'd share the view from my porch today. It's probably at its peak right now and will be gone within a week.Just learned from Jessica Walliser that on tomorrow’s edition of ‘The Organic Gardeners’ they will be talking about Every week they [...]