Gardening Books To Give Or Get

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Henry Nicholson Ellacombe believed that every great gardener reads a lot of gardening books: I have always found that a lover of gardens and flowers is also more or less a lover and reader of books. … and the more they love their gardens and their flowers the more they wish to read about them; [...]

Should Gardeners Wear Jewelry?

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Should gardeners wear jewelry? Not while they're gardening. Not if they're smart. At least, they shouldn't wear dangly trinkets that could get caught while the gardener is leaning over weeding, pruning, or digging. But of course, there are plenty of other times when wearing jewelry is perfectly acceptable, such as garden club meetings, plant swaps, [...]

Plants vs. Zombies: Game Review

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PopCap Games sent me a copy of their Plants vs. Zombies computer game. My 12-year-old son agreed to review the game. This is a compilation of his responses to my questions. Plants vs. Zombies is a defense type game. You are defending your house from the Zombies. It starts out easy but gets harder later [...]