Should Gardeners Wear Jewelry?

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Should gardeners wear jewelry? Not while they're gardening. Not if they're smart. At least, they shouldn't wear dangly trinkets that could get caught while the gardener is leaning over weeding, pruning, or digging. But of course, there are plenty of other times when wearing jewelry is perfectly acceptable, such as garden club meetings, plant swaps, [...]

Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life: Book Review

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Count me among the legion of Beatrix Potter's fans. I love the illustrations in her children's books, and just as much--perhaps more--I love the language of those stories. It pleased my childish ear--and still does today--that the "friendly sparrows," overhearing Peter's sobs, "implored him to exert himself." And that Mr. McGregor "came up with a [...]

Gifts for Gardeners: Botanical Art

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Many gardeners want to pick out their own tools, but appreciate a thing of beauty that reminds them why they garden in the first place. So why not check out the following? Many of these beauty-makers are bloggers as well. I first came across Elizabeth's Flowers--the blog--which led me to her store of the same [...]