Bloodroot: Wildflower Wednesday

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Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is the first and only native wildflower blooming around here. (Coltsfoot is blooming also, but it's not native.) There is an area of brushy shrubs and saplings steps away from the back deck that has a generous patch of bloodroot. This brushy area has no raison d'être; it seems to merely be [...]

Is it spring yet?

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How do you decide that spring has finally arrived? What signs tell you that the wait is over? At our old house, seeing the leafless branches of the trees on the hillside turn red from swelling buds was our certain sign that spring had arrived. It was confirmed by coltsfoot blooming and peepers peeping. While [...]

Native Plants This Spring

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May is always a busy month, what with birthdays (3 this month), Mother's Day, a garden going to weeds, and homeschooling paperwork, but this past week had additional expected and unexpected busy-ness. It's very easy to miss the spring ephemerals if you're not careful. I know, because I've done it before. And if you go [...]