Trying to keep up

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Yesterday I potted on 140 assorted zinnias, most of which I had assumed would not be sprouting. The newest seed was 2 years old, the older seed went back as far as 1996, I think. The zinnias don't really want to be potted on, they want to be planted. I refuse, though, to plant something [...]

Honeycrisp Apple, Morello Cherry

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I've looked up Honeycrisp apple in the Nafex archives and found I remembered correctly that it is well thought of by the Nafex folks who do go first for flavor & garden worthiness. They compared it to Macintosh for flavor. There was not much mention of Morello Cherries except that they have great flavor and [...]

More from the Northland

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I visited Bachman's once--the store was bigger than my hometown! When I worked at a nursery in Grand Forks ND, we kept an extensive library of all the handouts from the Minnesota and ND Extension services and the U of M. They were always a resource to us and we gave them to our customers. [...]

When I read This Green

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When I read This Green World for the first time I kept running outside to check things, and inside to call my Mother to exclaim over what I had just read. That sense of wonder is exactly what I love about this book--and the amazing facts. Then I lent the book to Mom and whenever [...]

I am growing cardoon this

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I am growing cardoon this year - I grew artichokes last year, but it is my understanding that cardoons get much larger, and the flowers or thistles are beautiful. In order to eat them, you have to blanch them. It is traditional in the piedmont region of Italy to eat them dipped in a hot [...]

How to keep rosemary happy in winter

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Kathy, if you want to keep rosemary happy in the winter, keep it cold & bright (as if it were having a milder winter than you are!)--I either keep it on a barely heated sunporch so it doesn't go below freezing or above 50, or against the coldest window in a cold room. They seem [...]

Have to put in my

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Have to put in my 2 cents since you are talking about seeds. All of my seeds are received and sorted by start date. I got a huge chunk of mine from Johnny's, because they come from a northern climate, and they actual give you meaningful cultural information on the back of the seed packet. [...]

Kathy, First of all, if

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Kathy, First of all, if I listed ALL the companies I order from, it would be too embarrasing. But one of my favorites is Seeds of Change out of Santa Fe, NM. Commitment to offering the highest quality organically grown, open-pollinated seed is what initially drew me to this company. It's a bonus that all [...]