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The ground! I see the ground!

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I think it's just a mid-winter thaw--we usually get at least one major storm in March. Anyway, the good news is that I potted on all 156 of my leeks. The bad news is that somehow our several years old bag of soil-less potting soil is full of weed seeds. Weeding has already begun, and [...]

Totally Unorganized Ramblings

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Someone once commented to my brothers that I was an organized person. My brothers exchanged looks that said "Are you talking about one of MY sisters?" No, I'm not oganized. Sometimes I'm good at planning, or coordinating things, but I am not organized. If I ever had a filing cabinet, I would never waste my [...]

“Blah,” said Toad

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(Anyone who doesn't know what that means has missed out on the best children's books ever written. For proper pronunciation, you should hear Arnold Lobel say it.) As far as I am concerned, we have now reached the worst part of winter (and winter never starts to get better till it ends). It's not so [...]


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A couple months ago Marianne was raving about some pole bean you and her really liked. Something about it never really getting overmature? The Borlotto Pole Beans sounds familiar, was that what she was talking about? I usually just buy all of my vegetables from Johnny's, because they have a really good catalogue for beginners. [...]

No Fair!

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So today is October 2nd, and we haven't had a frost yet. Tonight, we're supposed to get a hard freeze!!! No fair! Don't they know their supposed to give us some advanced warning? FIRST we're supposed to get a few light frosts, THEN we get the really cold weather! Instead, the weather goes like this: [...]

Vegetable Garden Update

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I always say that weeding is 90% of gardening. Right now, things are finally coming on in the garden. Part of the lateness of stuff is because we got things in the ground late--the other part is that so much rain means there isn't much sun to encourage ripening. So right now Rundy's corn, summer [...]

Pretty Good Progress

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Relatively speaking, that is. The other day I was feeling so smug for getting my peas in early. Everyone else is complaining about their peas rotting from all this rain, but I got mine in before the rain. Now, they're just about finished blooming and there's a lot of little pods on them. Then, I [...]