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More Weather Gripes

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I ought to be going to bed, so this will shorter (for me). I find it highly annoying that we can go from having 86 degree weather one afternoon to having a 23 degree night, in less than 48 hours. It just isn't fair. It also isn't fair that even though it says on the [...]

Too Bad for the Broccoli

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Yes, folks, this is going to be a sad post. Better get out your Kleenex. *Sigh.* Particularly sad after last year's broccoli, which was the most wonderful broccoli I'd ever had in my life, no kidding. That was amazing broccoli. First we must set the stage. . . After our terrible flooding (for most of [...]

Spring Can Come Now!

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All of my seeds are here, so now Spring can come. In fact, I'm beginning to get impatient now. . . Fedco had to substitute my Amish pepper for a similar variety. . .I guess a lot of people liked their discription! The things they had to substitute were cheaper, so they also sent two [...]


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Today, I came back from shopping, and found a piece of mail for me--an envelope, hand addressed. Hello! I wasn't expecting any letters. . .what's the return address? Fedco! Oh, no!! I sent my order in when it was only a week till thier deadline, I hope they're not telling me I'm too late for [...]


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Only I'm still trying to figure out whether I feel like I've betrayed Johnny's or that Johnny's has betrayed me. One way or the other, one of us has been betrayed. I'm ordering most of my seeds from a different company this year!!! Aren't you shocked? I'm shocked. I always order from Johnny's. Teman has [...]

My Confession.

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Well, Ro confessed, so here's my confession, too. Except mine's quite different. I don't really like seed shopping! I consider it a chore. A necessary chore, but a chore nonetheless. So I tend to procrastinate, and put it off, often for longer than I ought. I know this, and I guess in the back of [...]

First Day of Summer

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It was 36 degrees when I woke up this morning. I don't think the basil I had outside (yet to be planted out) was too thrilled. Or, probably, my pineapple. I'd been keeping that as a houseplant, but it was getting much too big for my tiny room, so I'm going to give it away. [...]

Egg shells?

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Which vegetables are appreciative of the calcium in eggshells? I noticed several people mentioning it in the comments. Our chickens are starting to put off a dozen eggs a day, so I'm not exactly short on egg shells (but how shall I use the eggs?). I just wonder what the most effective way to use [...]

Wall-O-Waters and Weather

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As I've said before, this is my first year trying wall-o-waters. But, before I get to my experience, I noticed that some guy name John Delaney had a few words on Wall O Waters. Too expensive? Yes, most certainly. Almost everyone I've asked about wall-o-waters has said "I've never tried them, they're too expensive. Overrated [...]