Spring Things

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This is a dangerous time of year. That might seem like a peculiar thing to say about the fine weather in May, but it is true. This is a dangerous time of year because there is the ever present danger of things being caught in a frost that really should not. In other words, my [...]

Little Things

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The daffodils are blooming. They are such a bright yellow. The flowers light up the lawn like little droplets of cheery sunlight. They look like they have so much energy it can be envy inducing. April is racing along toward its conclusion. Spring does go so fast. Next time I turn around it will be [...]

My Arbor Day

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My two plum trees arrived yesterday. I have been very pleased with the condition and packing of everything that I've bought from St. Lawrence Nurseries. The plants are always well wrapped and in good condition. I can tell a lot of personal work went into packing the plants. So far I've bought grape vines, a [...]

Grafting Amateur

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When we moved into this place there were three original apple trees of undetermined origin, a pear tree of also undetermined stock, and a concord grape vine. The three apple trees continue to plug along, producing fruit, or attempting to produce, every year. Harvest from the grape vine has been erratic as well, again due [...]

March is Going Out Like a Lamb

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After the miserable snowy weather in the middle of March the month has made a dramatic turn for the better in these last few days. It started on Sunday the 28th which dawned clear and sunny. The day followed in the steps of the morning and Monday kept up the same and today as well. [...]

A Time to Dream

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Well, it's that time of year again. It's time to decide what will be bought for the coming spring. It is time to decide what will be done in this year. Really, this is the very worst time of year to be making plans. Winter in these climes keeps a person trapped inside for so [...]

January Chill

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They say January is the coldest month of the year around here. This morning when I got up it had dropped down to -22 degrees. (That is Fahrenheit folks.) It actually might have been a little colder than -22, but our digital outdoor thermometer doesn't go any lower. It didn't get much colder, however, because [...]

The Cutting Wind, The Blowing Snow

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Winter has arrived. It has come swiftly, suddenly, and with savageness. October was, over all, a mild month. There was no bitter chill, and even days when the weather was unusually mild. Frost, this fall, came very late. So, as fall gave way toward winter it was mild weather leading into . . . what? [...]


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If you are looking for the Gardening Quote of the Month for February 2006, it's actually here. It would be so nice if frost were one of those predictable things. Garden planning would make great advancements if the effective beginning and end of the growing season were known with the certainty of the yearly appearance [...]

Bits of News for the Mildly Curious

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--My little new apple tree was chomped by a deer again. Not so bad as the first time, but it seems I should take up hunting. --A good apple harvest is coming in on the full grown apple trees. I am very happy. Estatic, maybe. --Half of my corn produced, the second half I planted [...]