Hand-painted Pots with Houseplants

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hand-painted flower pots

These hand-painted clay pots now have plants to keep them company.

For my birthday, my ten-year-old daughter, my thirteen-year-old son and my twenty-something daughter Cadie each painted a clay flowerpot for me. I planted them with purchases from Stony Hill Farm. There are sempervivums at either end and silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) in the middle. I am growing them all as houseplants in the kitchen where I will look at them often.

Cadie painted a lot of detail on her pot.

bluebird painted on clay flowerpot

Here’s a bluebird on flowering quince.

Clay pot painted with a cardinal and apple blossoms.

This cardinal is perched among apple blossoms.

goldfinch painted on a clay pot

The goldfinch is perching on a witch hazel branch.

blossoming apple tree painted on a clay saucer

She even painted the saucer with a blossoming apple tree.

I thought you’d enjoy them. I know I do.

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Kathy Purdy is a colchicum evangelist, converting unsuspecting gardeners into colchicophiles. She would be delighted to speak to your group about colchicums or other gardening topics. Kathy’s been writing since 4th grade, gardening since high school, and blogging since 2002.

Now, the digging and dividing of perennials, the general autumn cleanup and the planting of spring bulbs are all an act of faith. One carries on before the altar of delayed gratification, until the ground freezes and you can’t do any more other than refill the bird feeder and gaze through the window, waiting for the snow. . . . Meanwhile, it helps to think of yourself as a pear tree or a tulip. You will blossom spectacularly in the spring, but only after the required period of chilling.

~Adrian Higgins in The Washington Post, November 6, 2013

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Lonnie Thaler July 12, 2013, 8:46 am

Wow! Your kids have a great talent. You must be so proud of them. They’re so sweet giving you that as a birthday present. I envy you. πŸ™‚


Nicky Dowsett July 11, 2013, 8:56 am

Hi Kathy,

I admire the talents of your children. They are very creative and artistic. BTW, my 9 year old daughter also loves painting. I would like to show this to her. Maybe, she will find this very interesting. πŸ™‚

David July 10, 2013, 4:31 pm

Those are all lovely! I love homemade presents, aren’t they the best?

Lost Roses July 9, 2013, 7:13 pm

They’re all so charming! Cadie could sell hers.

Rodrica July 9, 2013, 3:38 am

Lovely. i love presents made by the giver…and these are so beautiful.

Gail July 8, 2013, 8:34 am

I like them very much! xogail

Layanee July 8, 2013, 7:49 am

What talented children you have. Lovely.

John July 8, 2013, 7:37 am

Awesome. You some incredible artists in your house! My girls would enjoy a project like that. What kind of paint works best for clay pots?