September 2006

Podcasts? Vlogs? Huh?

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If you feel proud of yourself for learning to upload a photo or adding a few items to your sidebar, you might not be aware of what's up-and-coming in the blogging world. Even if those two tricks have been in your repertoire for a long time, you may, like me, have been too busy to [...]

Garden Blog Pioneers, Part 7

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This is the seventh part in a series about the early days of garden blogging, written to commemorate my four years as a garden blogger. For those just joining us, the the names of the respondents to my email questions, and links to their respective blogs, can be found at the end of this entry. [...]

They’re coming! They’re coming!

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No, it's not the Invasion of the Subterranean Aliens. These are emerging colchicum flowers. Col-chi-what? An underused flowering bulb from the Lily family, which hold a fascination for me that I really can't explain. I never would have discovered them, had they not been growing here when we moved in. Their botanical weirdness of blooming [...]