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I got my Thompson & Morgan seed catalog today. Talk about rushing the season! It’s usually the first catalog to arrive, but I don’t remember it ever coming this early. I must say, the ‘Fruit Punch’ Oriental poppies on the cover tempt me to break my vow of no more seed starting until the beds are restored to order. I’ve always wanted to try some poppies in the pink/purple range in the southwest front border, but–well, there’s an awful lot of goldenrod to be dug out of that bed first. Sigh. Maybe next year. If you’re thinking of growing lots of plants from seed, check out this seed growing stand. I found a stand with lights made a big difference in the amount and quality of the seedlings I grew–windowsills just don’t cut it!

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OldRoses October 3, 2005, 1:07 am

I was a little confused when my T&M catalog arrived. Awfully early or awfully late. I’ve put it aside until January. I want to enjoy the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) first.