Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2010

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It always seems like there is nothing blooming in mid-May, but when I really look around, I realize there is a lot blooming but none of it is flashy, like the big yellow sheets of daffodils previous or the three Grandes Dames of June that will soon be here. The blooms of mid-May are modest [...]

Mud Season Chores: Cleaning up

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I hate to admit it to you Southerners, but when the snow melts, what it invariably reveals is…a mess. I'm not just talking about the dead vegetation that needs to be cut back. There's human-made messes that ought to be dealt with, too. But let's talk about the plants first. Cut back and clear out [...]

“What’s that Plant?”

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germander speedwell plant with tiny blue flowers

Every visitor to my garden this spring has asked me, "What's that plant?" and I always have to answer, "It's, um, a weed. A speedwell, I think." And the reply is always, "Well, it sure is pretty." It sure is. That's why I haven't pulled it. Honest. Actually, it's done blooming now, but for my [...]