Still More Garden Tweeters

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Even as I was writing my first post about garden twitterers (aka tweeters), I was discovering new ones and agonizing about the ones I didn't include. So here are some more. Plus, at the end, more hints about finding more on your own. flowergardengal FineGardening2 yolandaelizabet punkgardener redwhiteandgrew AmericanGarden FarmerPhoebe finegardening PAllenSmith CottageMagpie BotanicalOnline gina_g [...]

Top Garden Twitterers

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On his TwitTip blog Darren Rowse challenged people to come up with ten must-follow tweeters for their own particular niche. Naturally, I immediately thought of the garden tweeters. I found it pretty challenging to decide on ten, because most people who tweet (that is, use Twitter) don't limit themselves to one topic. So should I [...]