Gardening in February

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Forget the weeding. That was an anomaly. Back, sort of, to the real February. I say "sort of" because yesterday and today the temperature is hovering a bit above freezing, which is on the warm side for February around here. (Average high for the month is 30F, and my outdoor thermometer registers 35F right now.) [...]

Trail creation continues

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In my post of October 31st, I told you how Rundy started clearing a path through the Secret Garden and the woods. Since then he leveled some areas of the path with a mattock, chain-sawed some trees that were in the way (including a huge dead pine that had toppled across a path since the [...]

Paths: The beginning of a garden

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I'm so psyched! Rundy finally started mowing a trail through the secret garden with the DR Brush Mower. It has been my dream for years to have walking trails through our acreage and it's finally coming true. Ever since I walked the paths in my Grandma LaFemina's Long Island yard, and followed my Uncle Jimmy [...]