Organized Garden Shed

by Kathy Purdy April 11, 2012

Garden Shed: Before To refresh your memory, a while back I asked for suggestions on how to organize the garden shed at my new home. I appreciated all your comments, especially the ones suggesting that I could start out inexpensively by buying a box of nails and hammering in hangers for all the tools, and […]

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Garden Tool Shed Organization Help Needed

by Kathy Purdy March 11, 2012

Desperate Gardener Seeks Help Whipping Shed Into Shape When we moved here late last fall, we pretty much threw all the garden tools and equipment in the shed and turned our attention to arranging the inside of the house. Now that mud season is here and spring will soon arrive in earnest, I need to […]

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Recommend a Shovel

by Kathy Purdy April 16, 2009

What’s your favorite shovel? One broken, one threatening to. Digging shovel, not spade, recommendations wanted.

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Seven Gardening Gifts No One Will Give Me

by Kathy Purdy May 9, 2008

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and many retailers who normally don’t feature gardening products have potted flowering plants and other quasi-gardening gifts prominently displayed. I thought I’d take the opposite tack and share with you my favorite non-gardening garden “thingies.” Most of them don’t qualify as tools. Some of them, quite frankly, would look like […]

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A Bad Year for Tools is a Good Reason to Buy More

by Kathy Purdy September 11, 2007

It all started with that forsythia bush. Collin had barely gotten started pruning out the thickest branches for me, when the blade of the lopper snapped off. I had purchased these loppers from Lee Valley a while ago, but I thought it was worth contacting them to see if the loppers had a lifetime warranty. […]

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Deluxe Garden Cart is A Problem Solver

by Kathy Purdy November 7, 2006

Have you ever walked 250 feet uphill to the asparagus patch with a bucket full of hand tools, only to realize after you get there that the weeds have gotten a lot worse than you imagined? So you trudge back down the hill and carry the garden fork back up the 250 feet, only to […]

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Planting prima donna peonies

by Kathy Purdy October 20, 2002

The peonies from Reath’s came on Monday the 7th, but because of various commitments I couldn’t plant them until Thursday. They came wrapped in plastic with wood shavings to keep them damp, and then the whole shebang was packed in straw or hay–the first time I ever saw that used as a shipping material. I […]

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