Tomatoes in the kitchen

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Tomatoes the Old-Fashioned Way I've been reading the The Little House on the Prairie series to my six-year-old at bedtime. We just happen to be on The Long Winter and were reading "Fall of the Year" just a couple of days ago, where the Ingalls were surprised by an early hard frost. Ma and Laura [...]

First ripe large tomato

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Does this qualify as a ripe tomato? If it does, I think the vegetable gardeners at Purdyville have beat out Carol of May Dreams Gardens for the first tomato. My 23-year-old daughter started the seeds indoors and potted the seedlings on until they were in gallon size pots, maybe larger. Then my husband planted them [...]

Wall-O-Waters and Weather

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As I've said before, this is my first year trying wall-o-waters. But, before I get to my experience, I noticed that some guy name John Delaney had a few words on Wall O Waters. Too expensive? Yes, most certainly. Almost everyone I've asked about wall-o-waters has said "I've never tried them, they're too expensive. Overrated [...]