Not Your Ordinary Snowdrops

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There are snowdrops, and then there are snowdrops. I, for the most part, have been content with the Galanthus nivalis (pictured below) I was given many years ago, which have multiplied greatly from my division and their own efforts at self-propagation. Others become obsessed with differences in pedicels, spathes, and inner and outer petals. We [...]

Visit Snowdrop Heaven: The Temple Nursery

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My main snowdrop "patch" exactly a year ago. They are not so far along this year. Click the photo for a close-upWith all my blathering on about snowdrops, I almost forgot to mention that Hitch Lyman's garden will be the Garden Conservancy's first New York state event for their 2008 Open Garden Days on April [...]

Hitch Lyman’s Garden: Garden Conservancy Open Days

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Hitch Lyman is a national snowdrop specialist. Of course, the snowdrops are long gone, but doesn't his garden sound wonderful? From the Garden Conservancy website: Enjoy this extraordinary collection of 200 lilac varieties as well as species of peonies, daphnes, and crabapples. The 1848 Greek Revival-style farmhouse was moved to this site in 1990 and [...]