Tree Survival Tips for Summer Heat

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Tree Survival Tips for Summer Heat via The Wired Gardener The Wired Gardener is a newsletter, now become a blog, of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's McClean Library. It almost always has a link to an online gardening resource I hadn't heard about, and now includes helpful blog posts about current gardening topics, such as [...]

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day August 2008

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A lot of the plants from last month are still blooming, though most of them look a bit weather-beaten and are past their peak. Goldenrod, asters, and Joe Pye weed are starting in the fields. A careful inspection of the wooded hillside reveals the first flashes of red. I've always maintained that, for cold climate [...]

My Summer in a Garden

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A small change in routine can make a big change in the gardenI was the oldest of a large family, and I aspired to be a good girl. Not so much in the sense of morally superior; I wanted to do it right, correctly. Even as a child, I was a perfectionist. Perfectionists: You know [...]