MOO Minicards Giveaway

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Asheville Fling, the annual garden bloggers meet-up, is coming up in a few weeks, and I've been thinking about MOO cards. I discovered MOO's MiniCards in time to take some to the first garden bloggers' fling in Austin, and I've been bringing them to every fling I've attended. To me, they are a great way [...]

Buffalo Is Not A Cold Climate

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What do you think of when you think of Buffalo? All. That. Snow. Well, all that snow comes from moist air over Lake Erie. All that snow insulates the soil and protects the plants. And Lake Erie, big enough to be an inland ocean, moderates the climate year round, so that it is cooler in [...]

Buffa10: Garden Bloggers Meet-Up

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For the third year in a row, garden bloggers from all over the country are gathering to meet face-to-face, this time in Buffalo, NY. Buffa10 officially begins Thursday night, July 8th and extends to Saturday, July 10th. Elizabeth Licata and Jim Charlier are the masterminds behind this garden lover's extravaganza. Check out the blog they've [...]

Garden Bloggers Spring Fling 2009: Chicago!

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Last April, a couple dozen garden bloggers flew into Austin, Texas, wondering if they were nuts to meet up with a bunch of total strangers. In a word: no. First of all, they were not total strangers. Many of them had been reading each other's blogs regularly, offering advice, compliments and sympathy in the comments [...]

Spring Fling: The places

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In a previous post, I told you a little about the people I met at Spring Fling, the first national meet-up of garden bloggers, held in Austin, Texas on April 5th. Here are photos of some of the places we visited, along with my thoughts and observations. (Click on any photo for a larger version.) [...]

Spring Fling: The people

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The day after I got home from Austin I started on my post about Spring Fling, the first national garden bloggers meet-up. I decided I was not going to go into a lot of detail, but just upload the best of my photos and comment on them. So I forgot that photos are the most [...]

Garden Bloggers Spring Fling 2008

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Just in case you've been hibernating and only now have begun to amble around the garden blog community, the Austin garden bloggers are organizing a meet-up for April 5, 2008. It will be a chance to solidify the friendships that have formed over the internet, enjoying some great gardens and Texas hospitality. As I understand [...]