Why Won’t My Forsythia Bloom?

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The forsythias bloomed later than usual this year, sometimes overlapping with the earliest lilacs--but they did bloom. If yours didn't bloom, here are some things to consider: The flowers for forsythia are set the year before they bloom. That means if you prune your shrub too late in the season, you will cut off the [...]

Lilactree Farm Garden Notes, No. 1. 2012

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“I think we may have a wider approach to garden design if we have been helped to appreciate other forms of art; to be aware of basic principles – balance, repetition, harmony and simplicity – which apply to all forms of creativity. To look for these ideas in painting and architecture, or hear them in [...]

The View From Here

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The view from here is wonderful, as long as my back is to the garden, and my gaze goes across the road, across the far side of the valley. Turn around, and--oh! All sorts of plants in pots, needing to be planted. All sorts of weeds needing to be pulled where the plants are to [...]