Snowdrops: When Does a Bud Become a Bloom?

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You tell me: do I have blooms for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day? These snowdrops are the furtherest along of all that I have. They have "dropped"; that is, their buds are no longer pointing up, but have been released from their sheaths and are hanging from their pedicels. Now these… These are unquestionably blooming snowdrops--but [...]

Plants grow under the snow

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A couple of days ago, Mr. McGregor's Daughter was speculating that my snowdrops might be blooming under the snow. I was pretty sure they weren't, but I took advantage of Monday's thaw to confirm my suspicions (photo above). There were quite a few more patches of snowdrops visible now, but none are near blooming yet. [...]

My first glimpse of snowdrops

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It got up to 51 F yesterday, so I took a walk to see what I could see. And what did I see, but my first glimpse of snowdrops: What! You can't see them? Look closer: Oh…you didn't think I meant snowdrop flowers, did you? For that you'll have to wait another two-and-a-half months. Seriously.

Blooming in March

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I took this photo yesterday, a day ahead of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I knew that rain was predicted for Wednesday afternoon and throughout today, but late yesterday morning it was merely overcast and quite mild, and I thought, "Go looking for flowers now, or forget about it." So I went galomphing about in the [...]


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This time of the year, it's amazing what a difference a day can make. Thursday, snow on the ground. I couldn't have taken these photos on Thursday because these plants were still buried under snow. Friday, snow had melted, but nothing had bloomed. Yesterday (Saturday) the sun was shining and I had snowdrops blooming in [...]

The first blossom of 2004

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Well, the first blossom was a snowdrop, but it wasn't any of the snowdrops I've been checking on regularly. It was a clump of double snowdrops given to me by my garden buddy Bub, which I had planted near my Cornus alternifolia 'Argentea' (now deceased) and had forgotten about. This bed is located in the [...]

Snowdrop patrol

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The snow is off the snowdrops in the Secret Garden. For all I know it was gone yesterday, but I was out all day running errands. These are up just as high as the ones that the snow melted off earlier this week. None of them, however, look like they're going to bloom today, and [...]

Counting the days till spring

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I don't keep consistently good garden records, but one detail I have tracked faithfully since I planted my first flower, is the date of the first bloom around here. For you Southerners who have things blooming throughout the winter, I'm talking about the first visible bloom, when the snow has melted enough for me to [...]