The Trials of March

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The proverbial (and over used) saying is that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In truth March is a fickle beast and comes in as it wishes and goes out as it wishes. Some years you might have the bliss of March both coming and going like a lamb [...]

Mud Season is here

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I can tell by the dirty footprints leading from the front door to the bathroom. All the compacted snow is off our driveway, which used to be a gravel driveway but is now a dirt driveway, due to all the snow shoveling over the years, which throws both snow and gravel onto the lawn. (You [...]

Cabin Fever in Extremis

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I wrote this essay several years ago after the winter of 1993-1994 and I dig it out to reread every winter in which I feel I'm suffering excessively. Of course, no matter how bad your winter is, someone else can top you, so I don't promote this as the worst cabin fever anyone ever had, [...]

One Man’s Snow is Another Man’s Treasure

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yardstick measuring snowfall

Reading Texans Bill and M Stevens enthuse about their itty-bitty snowfall made me think of this Wall Street Journal article I clipped out a couple of months ago. It seems that a Houston-based company called Ice Express charges big bucks to spray artificial snow around for that special event. A 30 foot by 24 foot [...]

April Weather

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It snowed last night. Tonight there is still snow on the ground. This is the 8th of April, and the winter has lasted quite long enough, thank you. There are two ways to view these late season forays of winter. A person can either despair or hope. When the snow of a long winter melts [...]

Signs of Spring

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Lots of crocuses up now, including a few of the larger Dutch crocus Heard peepers on Thursday My husband heard a kildeer and saw a swallow Geese have been flying north for a while now Saw my first dandelion, and my first Johnny-jump-up "Snow will develop between 6 am and 8 am Sunday...And could become [...]

Eighteen inches of snow on the ground

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I don't have any bare ground for crocus to be poking up through--we have at least 18 inches of snow on the ground. Is it because the crocus are near the heated greenhouse that they are coming up? I hope some time this winter you and Judy both can tell us what size and type [...]

Questions about hellebores

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So, Lynda, they really do bloom in the snow, unlike snowdrops or crocus, which wait until March for me? How important is snow cover? If you have good snow cover, the soil doesn't freeze and I guess I can see how they might bloom. But what about if the ground freezes solid and there's no [...]

My hellebores bloom in the snow

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Finally, some snow to make the yard look pristine. 12/26 and the Hellebores by the back door are poking their dainty pink heads above the snow. It's always fun when someone pulls into the drive not familiar with 'Christmas' or 'Lenten' roses. It can be 30 degrees and a foot of snow on the ground [...]