Should Gardeners Wear Jewelry?

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Should gardeners wear jewelry? Not while they're gardening. Not if they're smart. At least, they shouldn't wear dangly trinkets that could get caught while the gardener is leaning over weeding, pruning, or digging. But of course, there are plenty of other times when wearing jewelry is perfectly acceptable, such as garden club meetings, plant swaps, [...]

Fields and Lane Glove Giveaway

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Fields and Lane contacted me several months ago to introduce me to their new line of gardening gloves. Nadia Ceballos-McLeod, general manager of the glove division, sent me two different gloves, the Flex Gardener and the Forester. If you attended the recent garden blogger meet-up, Seattle Fling, then you received a pair of Flex Gardeners [...]

A Visit to Garden Shoes Online

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As I mentioned on Tuesday, this past Friday I visited the facility with bloggers Donalyn, Jenn, Nicki, and Teresa, who is an employee of Gearcor. Carol Yeager is the driving force behind Gearcor, which started out on her dining room table as Muck Boots Online, and has grown to encompass Rain Boots Online, Snow [...]