High Mowing Seeds Giveaway

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Cold climate gardeners save themselves a lot of grief and aggravation if they purchase their seeds from companies in similar climates who grow, or at least trial, at their location all the seed they sell. If a company has successfully grown a seed in its cold climate, you can be pretty certain it will do [...]

Hudson River Valley Farms: Book Review

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When I first picked up Hudson River Valley Farms: The People and the Pride behind the Produce by Joanne Michaels, I thought it was a typical self-promoting regional book, meant to be sold at gift shops throughout its depicted geography. But I discovered within the farm profiles a commentary on agriculture in New York State. [...]

Three gardening books for children

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Many gardening books for children take what I think of as the art project approach: here's what you need, this is what you do, isn't that cute?, now show it to Grandma. Very few books out there take children--or a child's interest in gardening--seriously. I prefer to regard children as apprentice gardeners, gradually acquiring more [...]

Organic Gardening Quiz Answers

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Congratulations to Diana Kirby, whose name was chosen at random from the pool of 51 entries to win a copy of The Truth About Organic Gardening by Jeff Gillman. Below you will find the questions and the "correct" answers. To tell you the truth, I didn't expect anyone to get all the answers right. For [...]

Grow Organic: Book Review

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The subtitle of Grow Organic: Over 250 Tips and Ideas for Growing Flowers, Veggies, Lawns and More by Doug Oster and Jessica Walliser reads "for first-timers and old-timers alike," but I think it excels at helping veteran gardeners who have been using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to make the transition to an organic approach. Friendly [...]