Northern Gardener Magazine praises Cold Climate Gardening

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Look at the hardiness map for Minnesota and you will see that the whole state is in zone 4 or colder. The Minnesota State Horticultural Society, which publishes Northern Gardener Magazine, is devoted to helping northern gardeners. If you join the society, besides the magazine you will get borrowing privileges at the society's library (they [...]

Another magazine for northern gardeners

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Another magazine for northern gardeners is People, Places & Plants. This started out as a magazine for Maine gardeners, then expanded to cover all of New England. Checking their website before posting this link, I see they are about to start a second magazine for the Mid-Atlantic region. I haven't actually seen an issue since [...]

Garden magazines and other winter occupations

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Ah, November. A little time to breathe and do something besides the hard physical work of gardening. Like, read seed catalogs and go slightly mad with imagining all the things I'll grow next year. And read gardening magazines--actually read them, not just flip through them and hope to remember them when there's more time. My [...]