Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2010

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Five days late. I considered skipping it this month. But participating in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day has allowed me to track changes in the garden, so I decided to post most tardily. Several plants that were blooming last year are done blooming already, such as cephalaria and pink foxglove. The tunic flower and perennial flax [...]

My Man Grows Stupendous Lettuce

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He Won't Brag, So I Will My husband would tell you that he had nothing to do with it. Someone else sowed the seeds; he just stuck the seedlings in the ground. God provided the rain. Yeah, but who was up there weeding? All that cool and rainy weather has been good for something: great [...]

Fabulous Lettuce This Year

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No thanks to me, but we have been enjoying some fabulous lettuce from the garden lately. Except for one week in early June, it hasn't been especially hot. So it might be the weather, or it might be the varieties, but we're eating salad every day. Salad every day . . . what do you [...]