Peonies: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

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'Bev' was planted in fall 2002 and has filled out substantiallyPeonies remind me of my paternal grandmother. Whether it was an evening with her bridge group, Sunday Mass, or a family cookout, she always dressed fashionably, including fully applied makeup and perfume. To be called glamorous was a compliment she always appreciated. She also grew [...]

Public Enemy Number One

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As you can imagine, when a garden is neglected for a significant length of time, some of the weeds take on gigantic proportions. Especially on a psychological level, it helps quite a bit to pull these up all over the garden, before concentrating on any particular area. They take up so much space that the [...]

The Ladies

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I'd like you to meet three special friends of mine: Aimee Bev Rozella I purchased 'Aimee' (actually 'Aimee's Pink') from Brent and Becky's Bulbs in autumn of 2000. It has taken her a while to build up strength, though I suspect if last year hadn't been so bad for spring flowers (with temps in the [...]