Hand-painted Pots with Houseplants

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For my birthday, my ten-year-old daughter, my thirteen-year-old son and my twenty-something daughter Cadie each painted a clay flowerpot for me. I planted them with purchases from Stony Hill Farm. There are sempervivums at either end and silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) in the middle. I am growing them all as houseplants in the kitchen where [...]

Clivia, Re-Potted

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Repotting a houseplant reputed to be slow-growing and expensive is almost as daunting as dividing a perennial for the first time. You are just sure you are going to kill it, so it helps to have someone more experienced to coach you through the process. Many thanks to L. T. Tran of Idlewild Farm, Andrew [...]

Should I Root Prune My Mom’s Clivia?

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My mom asked me to repot her clivia for her. Clivia miniata is a slow-growing and slow-to-bloom houseplant in cold climates, blooming in late winter and highly tolerant of neglect. I don't own one myself (though I hope, in time, to inherit an offset of hers), so I made some attempt to familiarize myself with [...]