Visiting Quebec City

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For the past several days I've been visiting gardens in and around Quebec City in Canada as part of the Garden Writers Association annual symposium. According to this map, the warmest parts of Quebec are USDA Zone 3. I'm not sure I believe that, as many of the plants I've seen in gardens here are [...]

Colchicum Design Ideas from Montrose Gardens

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Many gardeners complain that it is difficult to place colchicums in the garden because of their unusual growing cycle, in which their leaves grow in the spring, die down in the summer, and then the flowers emerge in the fall. The colchicum bed at Montrose Gardens in Hillsborough, North Carolina, pictured above, contained many colchicum [...]

GWA in Raleigh: The Movie(s)

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One noticeable difference between this Garden Writers Association Symposium and the one I attended in 2007 was the increased presence of video recording. Not just the movie function on the ubiquitous digital camera, but more sophisticated set-ups were also used. Here's a sampling of what's been posted on the web: I just happened to be [...]

Here, but not here

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I'm living in an alternate reality called the Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium in Raleigh, NC. I get up and get on a bus and am transported to an alien world where the plants are, well, different. I've only got my netbook and my photo editing tools are lame, so more when I get home. [...]

The First Day of the GWA Symposium

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Austin to OKC While it was great to visit my friend Cynthia and the Austin bloggers, that was only an extra benefit to my trip. The Garden Writers Association symposium, my primary reason for traveling, was still ahead of me. Cynthia drove me to the airport very early on Friday morning, where I managed to [...]

Back from the Garden Writers symposium

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Yes, I'm back from Austin and Oklahoma, busy catching up on my life and thinking about all the people I met, gardens I visited, and things I learned. I received a lot of favorable comments about my presentation and even a few requests to help people for hire--blog coaching. But I really think my fellow [...]