Why I Garden

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Why do I garden? Why does an artist paint? Why does a pianist spend days practicing for an hour long concert? The truth is, I don't know why I garden. I don't know why I have an affinity for plants, a need to see them thrive, a hungering for their beauty. As a child, I [...]

Why don’t more older gardeners blog?

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I was one of several garden bloggers inteviewed by Doug Green for an article on garden blogging for The American Gardener, which is published by the American Horticultural Society. I thought the article was a good overview for beginners on the topic, not going too deeply into the technology behind blogging but maintaining accuracy. Really, [...]

In the Garden of Resolve

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Gardeners know that the calendar year is an artificial construct. It's not even so much that the new year really begins in spring, as that to everything there is a season. Consequently, I find the concept of New Year's resolutions rather alien to my thinking and way of life. I am resolving to do better [...]