What’s Blooming In My Damp Meadow

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I get so engrossed with gardening around the house during the summer that I tend to ignore the wilder parts of our property. I decided to remedy that and take a walk through our damp meadow, and I'm glad I did. Why don't you join me, and we'll see what we can see. There are a few plants I didn't realize were growing on our property, and plenty of the usual suspects. Maybe you can help me identify some of them!

Dig the chicks in my garden

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Unknown species of filipendulaThis filipendula has been growing well in my garden for several years. I ordered it in the mail as Queen of the Prairie, Filipendula 'Venusta Rubra', but the flowers aren't pink enough for that. In the last couple of years, I've noticed that although it grows vigorously, the center has died out. [...]