Servicing my watering needs

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I had a conversation with a gardening friend about watering the other day. We each have strong personalities and the talk was lively and interesting, filled with opinions and advice. When the time came for “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” I did and I’ll share them with you too. I have [...]

My new toy

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For my birthday, my oldest son Teman got me a wireless min-max thermometer, but we discovered that it didn't go down lower than 32°F unless you used the probe, which, of course, isn't wireless. I remembered the one I had admired (at our car mechanic's office) had the Weather Channel logo on it, so I [...]

Measuring the First Frost

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Had our first frost last night, which for around here, was later than usual. I don't know exactly how cold it got last night, but I wish I did. I've been looking at digital max-min thermometers, especially the wireless ones, for a while now, but the price keeps me from indulging. It always comes back [...]