Hand-painted Pots with Houseplants

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For my birthday, my ten-year-old daughter, my thirteen-year-old son and my twenty-something daughter Cadie each painted a clay flowerpot for me. I planted them with purchases from Stony Hill Farm. There are sempervivums at either end and silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) in the middle. I am growing them all as houseplants in the kitchen where [...]

Two Plant-Related Children’s Books

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I have pretty high standards when it comes to children's books. I don't like them to be preachy or didactic or otherwise disrespectful of the reader, who may or may not be a child. Last night D., my eight-year-old daughter, and I read two children's books by Kathryn O. Galbraith that I received as review [...]

How to Grow a School Garden: Book Review

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Last year, I started a garden at our school in a small town in Northern New York as part of a program out of Cooperative Extension.  I was nominated to lead a 4-H group at a meeting I didn't attend.  I consider myself an enthusiastic and somewhat knowledgeable gardener.  A leader of small children?  I [...]

Three gardening books for children

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Many gardening books for children take what I think of as the art project approach: here's what you need, this is what you do, isn't that cute?, now show it to Grandma. Very few books out there take children--or a child's interest in gardening--seriously. I prefer to regard children as apprentice gardeners, gradually acquiring more [...]