New Design for Cold Climate Gardening

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Welcome to the newly designed Cold Climate Gardening. I've spent a couple of months working behind the scenes, to give you a better-looking and better-functioning website. I'm hoping it will be easier to find the information you need and to continue conversations in the online gardening community. I've created this new design using Thesis, a [...]

Yes, I know it doesn’t look right

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I just upgraded my version of WordPress. Because I had code in my theme (design) that would no longer work with the new version of WordPress, I needed to edit the theme before I could upgrade the software. I figured while I was at it, I'd expand the width by adding another sidebar, since just [...]

Garden Blog Awards

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Colleen of In the Garden Online is starting the Mouse and Trowel Awards, a program "to give recognition to those bloggers, website owners, and retail outlets that add vibrancy, convenience, or pure eye candy to our world." Nominations are currently being accepted. Finalists will be announced on April 13th, and winners announced on May 13th.

Website changes ahead

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I have just upgraded WordPress again. This time it combined link categories and post categories, so quite a few things need to be tinkered with. I will also be changing my theme shortly. Actually, I am going to change the theme first and then tinker, otherwise I'll be tinkering twice. Sigh. The bottom line is, [...]