‘Violet Queen’

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Colchicum 'Violet Queen' is also blooming now. It started a day or two after 'Autumn Queen.' Last year, 'Violet Queen' and 'Autumn Herald' bloomed at the same time. This year, VQ is blooming its head off, and AH has yet to make an appearance. I sure hope it's not a goner. This year, I cut [...]

Colchicum autumnale ‘Album’

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This is the tiniest colchicum in my collection. I just got it in this autumn's order from Odyssey Bulbs, and it was in full bud in the bag, a bit surprising since both Bowles and Russell Stafford say it blooms later than the straight species. I hope, as Stafford claims in his catalog copy, that [...]

Autumn Queen, revisited

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It's that time of year again--colchicum season. I thought that this year, in addition to talking about my new acquisitions, I would try to focus on the ones I didn't get around to posting on last year, and avoid deluging you with photos unless they were clearly better than last year's. And having thus firmly [...]

Colchicum atropurpureum

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Yes, colchicums again. Or still. I can't help it. When I start a project I like to finish it. And the box with all my colchicum books and notes has been banging around first the dining room, and then the living room, for far too long. Ask Collin, who has to clean the dining room, [...]


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Colchicum 'Harlequin' is apparently new enough that only Odyssey Bulbs, from whom I bought it, has any information on it: "With their pointed, twisted, creamy-white segments, blotched irregularly with purple toward their bases, the flowers (borne in September) of this aptly named and utterly distinctive cultivar really do give the impression of a jester's hat [...]

Lilac Wonder

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The first time Colchicum 'Lilac Wonder' bloomed for me, I wondered if perhaps I didn't plant it deep enough, it flopped so. I think I even made a note to dig it up when dormant and reset it deeper. It's just as well I didn't, because, as Bowles describes, "'Lilac Wonder' has a very long [...]

Colchicum bornmuelleri of gardens

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According to John Bryan in Bulbs, "the plant usually grown under this name is a form of C. speciosum with yellow anthers." Elsewhere he also says it has a white throat. I've looked at the photo of the "true" C. bornmuelleri, and I definitely have the impostor. It has yellow anthers and a white throat, [...]

Nancy Lindsay

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Colchicum autumnale 'Nancy Lindsay' bloomed quite a while ago. She only threw forth two exquisite blossoms, and I somehow didn't get out there with a camera in time. It would have been worth it, for Russell Stafford rightly describes her as having "abundant, bright-pink, purple-stemmed blooms . . . in September and October. Vigorous." Yes, [...]

The Triplets: Impostor Colchicums

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I think of these colchicums as triplets because, even thought they are supposed to be three distinct plants, I can't tell them apart. In the photos they appear to have more difference in color than they do in real life. The supposed 'Album' is in shade when the other two are in sunlight, so I [...]

Getting Ready for Winter

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Well, after that killing freeze we've had some nice warm days (and nights). I brought my rosemary in anyway because I don't trust myself to remember to bring it in for next spell of cold nights. And I dug the Bishop of Llandoff dahlia bulbs my sister had given me, mostly because Talitha really enjoyed [...]