First colchicum

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My first colchicum is up but hasn't pinked up yet.Most colchicums emerge white and then pink up over the next few days. Did you know I am a colchicum evangelist, spreading the good news of colchicums wherever I go? For some of my earlier messages, check out the archives.

Fallscaping: Book Review

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Inspiring Ideas and Photos Take the Autumn Garden to the Next Level I'd read several books by Piet Oudolf and by Wolfgang Oehme, but I never really "got" the fall garden until I read Fallscaping, by Nancy Ondra and Stephanie Cohen. Somehow those two American women made gardening in the fall accessible to me in [...]

Pretty in Pink?

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This is a section of the Birthday Garden, which is a somewhat raised bed sandwiched between the driveway and the house. At the base of the stone wall, looking rather pale, are some Colchicum byzantinum. Above them is an unknown chrysanthemum, which Debi Lampman of Bedlam Gardens in King Ferry, NY gave to me this [...]

They’re coming! They’re coming!

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No, it's not the Invasion of the Subterranean Aliens. These are emerging colchicum flowers. Col-chi-what? An underused flowering bulb from the Lily family, which hold a fascination for me that I really can't explain. I never would have discovered them, had they not been growing here when we moved in. Their botanical weirdness of blooming [...]

First Colchicum of 2005

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This is my first colchicum of the year. It appears the Bookish Gardener beat me, as she is displaying a whole clump to my single blossom. To my eye, they are the same plant: Colchicum byzantinum. To your eye, the colors of the two flowers are different; her image is more accurate. Also, you can't [...]