Pruning strategy for forsythia

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Remember the forsythia I pruned so that I could force some branches? It doesn't look so floriferous out in the open, does it? (For comparison, check out the forsythias here.) When I'm faced with a plant that's not doing as well as expected, I try to analyze the situation before taking action. In the case [...]

A Garden Labyrinth

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And what is retirement for, if not to make a few dreams come true? And what is a garden for, if not to satisfy the longings of your heart? I have learned a lot from watching the garden of my best garden buddy, Bub, develop. The most satisfying garden, for the gardener and for others, [...]

April Weather

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It snowed last night. Tonight there is still snow on the ground. This is the 8th of April, and the winter has lasted quite long enough, thank you. There are two ways to view these late season forays of winter. A person can either despair or hope. When the snow of a long winter melts [...]