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If you want to read all the gardening quotations that I’ve collected, this is where you can do it.

An imaginative construct

~Stanley Kunitz in The Wild Braid

What you plant in your garden reflects your own sensibility, your concept of beauty, your sense of form. Every true garden is an imaginative construct, after all.

The Essential Ingredient of Garden

~Valerie Easton in Artists in Their Gardens

Fantasy makes all gardens grow. Without it you may have yard, plot, park, grounds, but you lack the essential ingredient of garden, the element that seizes the imagination and transports or envelops you into a world invented by the gardener.

Assembled Fragments

~Arthur T. Vanderbilt, II in Gardening In Eden

Aren’t our gardens assembled fragments of our dreams and daydreams, our memories, images, and visions, remembrances of times past, fantasies, pieces of paradise we try to re-create?

A guiding principle

~R. William Thomas in The Art of Gardening, p. 28

Another guiding principle is to garden within your own personal budget of time and money. Much of gardening is maintenance, and regular maintenance determines whether the garden survives or not.