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Welcome to Cold Climate Gardening

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I’m so glad to have you visit! If you are looking for help gardening in a challenging cold or short-season climate, you’ve come to the right place! Gardening in a cold climate isn’t more difficult than growing in other climates, as long as you grow plants suited to the climate and the soil. We’ve got pages of information–check out the menus above, browse the archives, or take advantage of the search box in the sidebar to the right. I’m Kathy Purdy, and I do most of the writing here, and we also have some excellent guest authors. We’d love to hear from you in the comments or the contact page.

Roadside Yellow Daffodils Brighten My Day

Roadside Yellow feature image

We've been suffering from meteorological whiplash. We had snow on April 23 and a low of 22 (-5C) on April 25 . Thirteen days later it got up to 88F and we've been sweltering ever since. The Roadside Yellow daffodils that I planted last fall have been delivering their sunshine almost as soon as the…