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If you have a cold climate garden blog or an upstate NY blog and would like to see it listed in this directory, please enter your information into the form below. You will be notified when your blog is added to the directory. We only list personal gardening blogs. No canned content reprinted from somewhere else, and no blog that’s nothing more than a compendium of auto-collected links. And most of all, no scrapers! However, a blog written in a personal style by a gardening business will be considered, and more likely than not, added.

Explanation of Form

Tagline: The one phrase description of your blog that shows up below the title. Mine is “Hardy Plants for Hardy Souls”
Location of your garden: Specify where the garden you blog about is located.
Description of your blog: Describe your blog in a few sentences. This can be from your About page. Look over other entries in the Blog Directory if you are stumped.
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Additional Info: Please provide the following:

  1. Please let us know if you are submitting changes or additions, so we don’t create a duplicate entry.
  2. Please specify your village, city, or town. If you don’t want to get that specific, at least provide your county (or equivalent)
  3. State which (if any) garden blog meet-ups (Flings) you have been to. We will add you to those categories after verification
  4. Mention if you garden in USDA Hardiness 5a or colder. We will add you to the cold climate category
  5. Mention if you are a member of the Garden Writers Association. We will add you to that category upon verification.
  6. Mention if you are a business. We have a special section for garden blogs by commercial enterprises.