Paper-and-ink information of a general nature that I want to keep track of. Perhaps you will find it useful as well.



  • To Tame a Climbing Rose: Arches, Posts, and Trellises Guide These Wayward Flowers” by Sean McCann, in Horticulture March 1992, pp. 28-32, 34.
  • Dividing Bearded Irises” by Janet H. Sanchez in Horticulture August/September 1992, pp. 56-57

Fine Gardening

  • A Plant Collector’s Paradise Starts with Seeds: Cultivating exotic blooms from all over the world enriches both garden and gardener” by Marietta O’Byrne in Fine Gardening #53, January/February 1997, pp. 60-65. Winter sowing before the term winter sowing was coined.